Eighty-Nine + 1 is a humanitarian project, which focuses on meeting human needs and shaping successful communities by first changing the individual. Our goal is to provide services by striving to meet the needs of those who are disadvantaged and at-risk spiritually, socially, educationally, economically, emotionally and physically; who are located in low-income to poverty-stricken communities.  This goal will be achieved through the implementation of three programs Education, Empowerment and Extended Hands. Through teaching and mentoring we will empower participants with the tools for job readiness and life production skills; also develop economically sound neighborhoods and communities with empowered individuals. Our educational entertainment strategy is to impact society with 21st-century methods for kingdom of YHWH (God) building, which is to move outside the walls of traditional mainstream churches, synagogues, and temples and into the urban community.


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"...whatever you bind on earth, you bind in heaven & Whatever you loose on earth, you loose in heaven. There is no escaping YOU. My message was, is and will continue to remain MasterSelf. There will be no greater challenge!"


Prophet malaak

“...powerful people, portray truths, in parables that's why I motivate, educate & liberate the mind by unconventional, unorthodox methods & when I recognize you have achieved that moment   

“Aha, I think I got it”. 

There’s nothing more fulfilling than that moment, & my job is done, now go & MasterSelf!"